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TableViewController: Detail View

Now we have a list, lets create a detail view for each note. First, create a new view controller (File>New>New File>Cocoa Touch>Objective-C Class) named NoteDetailViewController that is a subclass of UIViewController. Next, drag out a new View Controller in Interface Builder, give it the custom class NoteDetailViewController and add 2 labels and a textview (make sure it is not editable… Read more »

UITableViewController and NSFetchedResultsController

NSFetchedResultsController takes a lot of the work out of managing the display of data returned from a Core Data fetch request. The basic mechanism is to create a fetch request detailing what you are looking for, how to filter it, and how to order the results. This is then attached to a new NSFetchedResultsController, which queries… Read more »

Magical Record and NSFetchedResultsController: Core Data made easy

I was pretty happy after building my first iOS app that made extensive use of the Core Data framework. However, in the back of my mind I was sure there was a better way than the ton of code it required. Thankfully there is. Magical Record makes it so simple that it barely feels like Core… Read more »