Magical Record and NSFetchedResultsController: Core Data made easy

I was pretty happy after building my first iOS app that made extensive use of the Core Data framework. However, in the back of my mind I was sure there was a better way than the ton of code it required. Thankfully there is. Magical Record¬†makes it so simple that it barely feels like Core Data at all. In this tutorial series I will build from scratch a basic note taking app, that saves everything in Core Data. I’ll start right at the beginning and explain how to build a simple tableViewController that uses a¬†NSFetchedResultsController. Next I’ll show you how to install Magical Record, create a database with a few test values and get them to appear in a tableView . Finally, I’ll add all the extra bits of functionality that allow users to update or create new records.

I’ll publish as I go along, so check back later for the first part of the series.

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